Leading in Extraordinary Times

Session 6: Adaptive Leadership: Decision-Making for Enterprise Transformation
Dr. Rudy Garrity

Wednesday, June 21, 2023

12:00-1:00 pm USA EDT (1600-1700 UTC)

Adaptive Learning & Leadership (LEARNERSHIP) is required during these Extraordinary Times.  In this session you will learn how to achieve success at all levels, from self-fulfillment, to organizational high performance, to the community common good, to societal enlightenment.

About Session: 06

Today It appears that the American government, institutional leaders, and cultural forces are at an apex of dysfunction; that their inability to reflect and competitively achieve democratic consensus is ascendant in a socio-economic culture that is at war with itself.
Undercurrents of educationally limited, ill-informed, and perversely driven citizens and businesses appear to be in a tsunami of acrimonious communication with those of influence and positional authority.
Concurrently, significant evidence of duplicitous governance, financial inequality, socio-economic insensitivity, and escalating ecological damage has been convincingly demonstrated. We can clearly see our adversary. It is us! We must learn and lead better in these extraordinary times.

This includes mastery of the following attributes…

Ability to think, learn, know, lead, share and achieve life objectives
Business transformation, innovation, and performance improvement
Respect American values and support cultural advancement
Create an Encore life/career that attains goals, exceeds expectations
Establish financial security, distinguished personhood, legacy success
Advocate integral Learning in a decentralized changing world
Personal e-book writing and business services promotion
Family education, skills development, and life transitions
Combat stress-causing complexity and information overload
Brain training, critical thinking, and decision-making

About Speaker

Dr Rudy Garrity photo

Dr. Rudy Garrity D.P.A

Dr. Rudy Garrity D.P.A. is the Founder and Director of the AL Solutions & AL Forum Nonprofits.  His many accomplishments include:
— Enterprise Transformation Leader, Consultant, and program Manager for Organizational TQM and reengineering
— Federal Executive at the U.S. DOD, FBI, Intelligence Agencies & Federal Contractor for Intelligence Integration
— Professor at Defense Systems Management College, Division Manager at NSA Cryptologic School, & GWU KM
— Writer of Professional Articles and author of Nonfiction Books (1) Total Learning, Knowing and Leading as a Mindful Way-of-Being and (2)Your Integral Life Matters.