Leading in Extraordinary Times

Session 5: Is Dialog Missing in Conversational Leadership?
John Hovell

Wednesday, June 14, 2023
12:00-1:00 pm USA EDT (1600-1700 UTC)

Traditional leadership development focused on individual capability is not enough. Leading in extraordinary times demands a more community-based approach built on conversation and dialog.

About Session: 05

Leadership is often considered a flawless concept. Aren’t we all aspiring to be better leaders? Unfortunately, the very notion of leadership is flawed. Even though the world has attempted to define leadership as a shared responsibility, the vast majority of leadership development is focused on individual capability.

What if leadership were based in dialog and conversations? What if leadership were a collective aspiration and practice? What if leadership took on a new word, namely, “communityship”? Let’s explore collective leadership and engage each other in conversation during this session. If preparation is supportive for you, for much more information please visit https://www.conversational-leadership.net.

About Speaker

John Hovell

John Hovell, PMP, CKM, ODCP, EAGT is Managing Director and Co-Founder, of STRATactical International.  He is a practitioner, speaker, and author in OD/KM strategies and their application to current organizational challenges. John believes in and practices the blending of OD, KM, and Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion, and is on the team to converge these fields and create an emerging new discipline currently known as Conversational Leadership. Clients of STRATactical International report award-winning improvements in organizational performance, customer satisfaction and retention, and employee engagement and retention.
John led a team to win a Chairman’s Award at BAE Systems in 2014. Previously, he was part of a team to win the prestigious NOVA award, Lockheed Martin’s top recognition award. He has been instrumental in the creation and execution of transformation change efforts in dozens of countries.  In 2015 he was named the 8th most influential person in Knowledge Management.  John holds a B.S. with honors in Decision Support Systems from Virginia Tech, and an M.S. with honors in MIS from The George Washington University.