Second TechCast-Cognis Strategic Forum to be held July 28, 2021


The second edition of the TechCast-Cognis Strategic Forum: Planning for Transformative Change will be held online on July 28 at 2000 UTC (4:00 pm Eastern Daylight Time in the USA).

Last month’s inaugural forum set the stage for the entire series, the purpose of which is to present the case for, and help in planning for, the coming global transformation.  IIKI co-founder Prof. Bill Halal began by showing how the present system is not sustainable, requiring a transformation in global consciousness, which is already in the early stages.  Jess Garretson showed how strategic foresight needs to be managed from the bottom up and the outside in.  Dr. Hazel Henderson’s closing keynote showed how a new economic paradigm known as “love economics” will form the basis for a better, more cooperative global consciousness.

The next forum, scheduled for July 28, is entitled: “Foresight Lessons From the Pandemic: Implications for Strategy Formulation and Response.”  Three outstanding and well-known thought leaders will present three provocative, carefully-thought-out scenarios (a baseline with no surprises, a worst-case, and best-case).  You’ll hear from: Jerome Glenn, CEO, The Millennium Project, Futurist and Management Consultant Theodore Jay Gordon, and world-renowned futurist Paul Saffo.  They’ll also show how you and your organization can begin making preparations now for whatever threats or opportunities might present themselves in the not-too-distant future.

Registration is complimentary, although donations in any amount would be deeply appreciated.

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