Unlocking Global Entrepreneurial Excellence

Collaboration with Ideagist USA

Welcome to the gateway of international recognition for your entrepreneurial prowess. IIKI Washington Dc and Ideagist USA have joined forces to present you with an unparalleled opportunity the IIKI’s Entrepreneurship Certification. This certification isn’t just a milestone it’s your ticket to showcasing your mastery of startup dynamics on a global stage.

The Significance of IIKI's Entrepreneurship Certification

Global Recognition

Worldwide recognition for your entrepreneurial skills

Building Trust

Get the trust and credibility you need from investors

Expanding horizons

Your startup skills are the key to a world of opportunities

Challenges without IIKI's Certification

While the benefits of our certification are undeniable, let’s acknowledge the challenges that might arise without it:

Stunted Progress

Operating without the insights from our certification might hinder your startup's potential growth in a rapidly evolving market.

Investor Hesitation

Investors prefer entrepreneurs who have a comprehensive grasp of startup challenges. A lack of certification might raise doubts about your capabilities.

Missed Collaborations

Without certification, you might miss out on partnerships that require entrepreneurs with demonstrated skills and understanding

Embark on Your Journey to Excel

IIKI and Ideagist USA stand ready to guide you toward unparalleled success. Our certification is more than a title, it’s a transformative experience designed to equip you with the skills and recognition needed to thrive.

Are you prepared to elevate your entrepreneurial journey


IIKI Washington , in partnership with IdeaGist USA, the world’s leading virtual business incubator, is launching a comprehensive certification program in emerging technologies. This program addresses the pressing global demand for credible certifications in rapidly growing technology fields like AI/machine learning, blockchain, and 3-D printing.

With over three decades of experience, IIKI Washington has built a robust network of top experts in these domains. Leveraging this expertise, we’re developing certification programs that assess applicants’ real-world application skills in specific technologies.

What sets our program apart is its vendor-neutral approach, solely focused on delivering tangible business value.

IIki Washington and ideagist USA are looking for Partners in different countries to become the local hosts for tests