session1 announcement
Leaders everywhere are talking about the “Fourth Industrial Age,” the “Great Reset,” and many other radical transformations currently underway. It’s no wonder, given that the old ways, no matter how “tried and proven” they may claim to be, are no longer working. In a world of eight billion minds, rapidly accelerating volume, speed, complexity, and uncertainty are major drivers pushing us into a new paradigm. We call that new paradigm the Enterprise of the Future.

When we say “Enterprise,” we’re not referring to the slow-moving megalithic organizations of the twentieth century. Rather, an Enterprise of the Future is in a constant state of self-renewal – always forward-looking and anticipatory, while never forgetting the lessons of the past.

In this initial session of our series “The Blind/Sighted Enterprise,” you’ll acquire a framework for envisioning, building, and growing such an enterprise, building upon the research results of over three dozen doctoral dissertations over the past 25 years. This framework integrates four principles that have withstood the test of time: Leadership, Organization, Technology, and Learning, all updated so you can apply them to the many challenges, risks, and opportunities that every organization will be facing. This session also sets the table for the five topics that will follow, so you can apply each of these radically new developments, from digitalization to a major shift in world consciousness, toward making your own Enterprise of the Future a reality.