Over the past decades technology has become, like it or not (and some do not), an essential part of our lives. It has been reported that people would rather leave home without their car keys than their phone. Indeed, the term nomophobia (the fear of being without your phone) has been coined to describe this.

As has become obvious, technology can be utilized for both good and bad. For example, many jobs today can only be done with the use of the Internet and email is ubiquitous. Yet, having email has also spawned enormous amount of junk that fills our inboxes in the hope that we will click on a link that may lead to the installation of malware that is designed to steal our banking passwords. The internet that enables us to work has also heightened the ability of criminals to scam unsuspecting individuals and wreak havoc on companies by encrypting their files for ransom. Artificial intelligence can be used to diagnose illness and create new drugs but also to create chemical weapons.