A Digital Enterprise summary
Today’s business enterprises are complex structures. Capturing data and information in a manual or semi-manual process is daunting, timely, and laborious. However, there is a synergistic relationship between artificial intelligence (AI), knowledge management (KM), and building an integrated strategic plan to continuously guide the enterprise to success. What needs to be known is how and where AI and KM fit into the existing strategic management process and the changes necessary to achieve successful outcomes. Strategy development is supported by strategy formulation to define the objectives to meet the enterprise goals, mission, and vision. Strategy formulation forces enterprise leadership and management to look at the changing environment and position themselves to compete in the ever-changing business landscape.

Imagine a framework that facilitates an automated process that emulates the collective minds of enterprise leadership and management into a single network of value areas to determine the breadth and depth of mechanisms that contribute to enterprise performance. Many enterprises are currently implementing AI and KM solutions, not knowing if they are formulated on an inclusive set of measures and indicators that provide insights into the enterprise’s performance. So, what is the pathway to capture relevant and essential measures and indicators that collectively represent the vital or essential components of the enterprise and how these components interact with one another? This is a venture on wayfinding to get from value to knowledge.