Human Capital Core

A 15 year Incumbent Leadership Corps and a dedicated Cadre of approximately 80 Members who are experienced instructors, graduates and practitioners in the Knowledge, Learning & Innovation Management disciplines. This seasoned team of professionals has generated and successfully utilized text books, journals, tools, course curriculum, syllabi, methodologies, workshops, training, facilitations, and transformation processes in multiple industry, academic and government settings for thousands of participants.

Relationship Capital

iiKI continues to systematically extend and expand its collaborative networks internationally. It is building a broader network of affiliations through personal and professional contacts to promote the disciplines of actionable knowledge collaboration, lifelong learning and innovative discoveries.

Organizational Capital

Organizational Capital- IIKI’s “Theory to Practice Continuum Engine”.Practical, Innovative and Sustainable Improvements for High Performance Enterprises using actionable Knowledge Enabled Solutions in the form of Documented Processes and Methodologies. Our expert community uses these processes to transform theoretical concepts and research into analytically reviewed, logically related, useful, teachable and innovatively applied knowledge based solutions.

Intellectual Capital
  • Our Membership creates extensive Intellectual Capital through their many publications including dissertations, books, journals, and curriculum.
  • Key Elements for a KM initiative (2000)
  • Conditions and drivers for KM Success (2000)
  • KM in Government and nonprofit sectors (2004)
  • Interpersonal Trust in KM (2004)
  • Criteria For KM Success (2004
Business Alliance

The successful For-Profit Business Alliance infrastructure of 15 years has been strengthened with added Partners. The existing Leadership Corps and Cadre, augmented with client related teaming arrangements, positions IIKI for successful contract and grant awards on competitive bid proposals. Globally IIKI pursues regional bid opportunities by fostering active Teamings with its Internationally Affiliated Partners.


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