In collaboration with IdeaGist, the world’s largest virtual business incubator and leader in promoting innovation through small business, IIKI is starting an extensive and unique certification program in emerging technologies.

An urgent need exists in the global market for credible certification in key technology areas exhibiting rapid growth and/or high payoff potential, including but not limited to AI/machine learning, blockchain, and 3-D printing.

In more than two decades of operation, IIKI has accumulated a vast network of top experts in many of these technologies.  We are drawing upon this network of top experts in order to form Certification Programs for one or more of these technologies, in which applicants demonstrate, through actual measurable work, the capacity to develop real-world applications of a specified technology.

Unlike other certifications that are driven by specific vendors or development platforms, this certification program is unbiased and is focused solely on creating business value.  

Details are coming soon…