I2KI is a virtual and accessible Knowledge, Learning and Innovation source for Collaboration and the Sharing of research and best practice concepts and documentation for the benefit of our Members, Affiliated Partners and Clients.

I2KI took root in 2001 from the first North American accredited Knowledge Management–Certificate–Master–Doctoral Program at The George Washington University as the Institute of Knowledge and Innovation. Today it has evolved to an incorporated, non-profit entity with a large, international footprint acting as facilitator to its Coalition of Members and Affiliated Partners. The combined Coalition offers additive capabilities in the practices and principles of Knowledge Management and Innovation with an emphasis on Knowledge Sharing, Knowledge Transfer and Collaboration, offering services in a “Theory to Practice Continuum” to deliver efficient, effective and innovative instruction, methods, and tools for sustainable practices. I2KI’s clientele bridge the academic, public, private and international market sectors globally.

Our Story

We function within an environment of a Cooperative and Congenial Global Sharing Community, seeking to leverage the creativity of “7 Billion Minds” for the good of humankind.


Enterprise Excellence Management International Inc.

A Mentoring Consultancy providing an unbiased, external source of experience and knowledge to achieve transformational changes for organizations in both the business and government sectors.

Client Base
Business • Government • NGOs

Consulting services in:
Organizational Development
Knowledge Systems
Strategic Planning
Human Factors Engineering
Decision Systems

The American Learnership Forum

A nonprofit 501c(3) organization providing innovative educational, coaching, and consulting services to individuals, organizations, and communities seeking an intellectually and emotionally satisfying Mindful Way-of-Being.

Client Base
Business • Government • Communities

Educational Coaching and Certification
Charitable Fundraising (Edu-tainment) Programs
Management Consulting Services and Seminars

Applied Knowledge Sciences Nothern Virginia

Offers science-based tools and practices for making the most of an organization’s institutional knowledge.

Client Base
Business • Government • NGOs

KM strategy and Governance
Knowledge Sharing Platforms and Communities
Knowledge Transfer Mentoring
Knowledge-Based Data Analytics

Institute for Knowledge Innovation – SE Asia

Seeks to develop and transfer expertise in applying cutting-edge research and practical real-world experience to produce measurable improvements in organizational performance and innovation

Client Base
Students • Business • Government

In the fields of Knowledge Management, Innovation Management and Organizational Creativity
Coaching/Advisory Services
Seminars and Workshops
Customized Training Modules
Studies, Research, Organizational Assessments/Evaluations
Academic Degrees and Certificates (PhD in KIM and Master in Business Innovation (MBI))


                                                                                                                                                   INNOVATION                                 THROUGH TECHNOLOGY